Who we are

Zdenek Jurik -  President of ABC Engineering P.E. P.E. Structural , Civil and Mechanical Engineer: Zdenek attended college in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia and received his A.A.S. in Mechanical Technology from the Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering, a Diploma in Engineering, Design, Testing and Inspection of Cranes and Steel Construction from the National Institute of Work Safety, and completed additional courses in Material Technology Welding through the National Research Center of Welding. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of engineering calculation and design including ponds, underground water storage, marine public landings, piers, bridges, roads, sites, retaining structures (concrete, stl. piles, wood), and hydrology. He also created complete structural designs for libraries, hospital additions, education centers, ice skating and tennis sport facilities, banks, residential homes, production buildings and museums, pressure  vessels, and dams. as well as analysis and design for special aluminum structures (International and North America), cranes, and hoists. He is an expert witness in Structural and Civil Engineering with extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of Autocad, Risa, Enercalc and  3D Finite Element Analysis. Additionally Zdenek is a One Community consultant, helping with the complete engineering details of the aquapini and walipini structures. He is a licensed professional engineer, USA, Corporate member of Dispute Board Federation, Geneva, Switzerland.